Get The Six-Pack Abs You Have Always Wanted With Simple Exercise Tips

If you want amazing abs, stop doing those crunches. Instead, try a few of these options to achieve great results:

Understand the Importance of Cardio

Most people believe crunches are the best way to get abs, but they are mistaken. Cardio workouts can help you burn body fat while strengthening your abdominal muscles. One thing you probably did not realize is that you have six-pack abs. Yes, they are on your body, but there are layers of fat covering them.

Crunches cannot help you burn fat. Although they are a good exercise, you should not be focused on them while on a quest to achieve six-pack abs. Before you even begin doing them, you have to perform powerful workouts that will allow you to shed calories and burn away all the excess fat. The next time you see a product on the market that promises fantastic abs, do not get suckered into buying it because you simply do not need it.

If you did not already know, you do crunches while you are on your back. You would put your hands behind your head and move the top half of your body forward in an attempt to reach your knees. There are plenty of different ways to perform crunches. Some people even use fitness balls while they are doing their crunches.

You may have heard some fitness instructors explain how you are working all parts of your body while performing crunches, but that is false. Are crunches an actual workout? They absolutely are a real workout. However, they will not help you burn fat that you need to get rid of to actually get the abs you have always dreamed about having.

Stop wasting your time with workouts that are not helping you reach your goals. Instead, spend plenty of time on cardio exercises to see results. Grab a pair of good sneakers and start jogging in your local area. You can even go for long walks on hiking trails and around your neighborhood by yourself or with loved ones.

Once you start doing cardio, do not stop. You are going to want to do these exercises as often as you possibly can. Along with jogging and walking, there are plenty of other exercises that you can enjoy, some of which are more intense than others. If you do your cardio, you can end up with a six-pack, but you will also have to do a few other things to perfect it.

Start Lifting Weights

Along with your cardio routine, you need to begin lifting weights. You will want to work with barbells while also using a squat rack. If you are worried about becoming too bulky, do not fret about it. The only way you will get the bodybuilder bulk is if you are constantly lifting weights non-stop and doing nothing else.

Leg Lifts and Floor Exercises

Even though you should not focus heavily on crunches, you should incorporate them into the routine you have started with cardio exercises and weights. You can do a few sets of crunches and a few sets of leg lifts, such as prescribed in Six Pack Shortcuts. While it is a good idea to add these in with all of your other exercises, just remember that they are not nearly as important as cardio and lifting.

Healthy Food

If you are not eating well, it will not be easy to get six-pack abs. Consider throwing out the burgers and fast food while consuming healthy and nutritious meals. Stock up on fresh fruits, vegetables, and foods that contain plenty of fiber. If you want to make sure you are eating healthy food that does not taste too bland or basic, you can even buy a cookbook that features healthy low-calorie recipes inside of it.

Metabolic Cooking – Recipes for success?

Making meals that burn off fat is the prime purpose of the Metabolic Cooking program from Karine Losier and Dave Ruel. It is essentially a collection of recopies that are designed from the ground up to not only help you burn off fat by lowering your total caloric intake but also increase your metabolic rate to levels you have never seen before.

But in addition to the recipes, there i also included a guide that shows how to best put those recipes to use. The fact of the matter is that each recipe contained has a different macronutrient profile and are therefore best consumed at different times. This guide will show you what to eat and when to eat it in order to maximize the results you can get from it.

This makes the entire package a very effective one for those who are looking to burn off fat quickly and for good. The only thing missing from it is an exercise regimen for those looking to go to the gym a few times a week in order to get even faster results from their diet plan.

Now the authors behind this product know what they are talking about when it comes to burning fat through diet alone. It also helps that they also know a lot about training the right way for increasing the rate at which people lose fat. This knowledge also helped them design recipes that can be consumed at times like after workouts or for breakfast in the morning.

Karine Losier additionally holds a masters degree in psychology which helps her understand the ups and downs that dieters go through when on a weight loss regimen. The Metabolic Cooking program was designed with this in mind as well. That means that the plan the authors lay out is very effective for those looking to avoid those food cravings and therefore avoid binging altogether.

The great thing about the program is that is doesn’t overburden you with the science behind the recipes and the biochemical reasons that the recipes are so effective. Instead, the authors have come up with a very simple system that uses letter. Each recipe has its own three letter profile which makes matching a recipe to a moment during the day or a particular situation very easy and uncomplicated.

One final thing about the program that I will mention is that it can be tailored to fit your particular preferences. You can mix and match side dishes with entrees or go for the particular breakfast that you want. There are even desserts in there that not only will help you burn fat, but that also taste great.

A few things to know about Belviq from Arena Pharmaceuticals

It took thirteen long years for the FDA to approve a new weight loss drug, despite the fact that almost one third of the American population are considered to be obese. Arena Pharmaceuticals is the company behind this new drug called Belviq reviews, which is the commercial name for lorcaserin.


How the drug works

In your brain, there are substances known as neurotransmitters that trigger everything we ever feel. In the case of hunger and fullness, that neurotransmitter is called serotonin. This substance isn’t just used for hunger though as it has been found to be active in things like moods. However, according to the research performed by Arena pharmaceuticals, lorcaserin is able to only target the receptors that are associated to hunger and thus, reduce a person’s appetite. This also allows it to limit the Belviq side effects.


Is it effective?

The research data submitted to the FDA by Arena Pharmaceuticals stated that approximately 50% of the dieters who tested the drug lost an average of 12 pounds over the course of a year. That weight number corresponds to about five percent of their total body weight. On the other hand, amongst those who took a placebo, only 23 percent managed to lose a significant amount of weight.

Of course, because this is a drug that reduces appetite, it is still up to the dieter to adopt a healthy eating regimen and a regular exercise program. This is something that is recommended by both the manufacturer and the FDA. All in all, it can just help people get over those cravings without eating anything.


Can just anybody take Belviq?

According to the FDA, this drug is to be prescribed to people who are either obese or overweight (so a minimal BMI of twenty seven). Additionally, they must have one health condition related to their weight (think type-2 diabetes, cholesterol or high blood pressure).


There are a few adverse side effects

There are a few belviq side effects that people should be aware of before taking the drug. For example, people can experience headaches, fatigue, constipation, dizziness, dry mouth, nausea, low blood sugar, and back pain.

In the past, there was a serotonin based drug called fenfluramine that was removed from the market because it caused heart valve problems in the people who took it. That is why lorcaserin was first disapproved by the FDA three years ago. It wanted more concrete evidence that this is actually a safe product to consume on a regular basis. Arena managed to provide the appropriate evidence and the drug will come to market as a result.

The last weight loss prescription medication was called Xenical and showed to have potentially serious health risks associated with it after long term use. That is why the FDA is so cautious when it comes to these types of medications. They want to be absolutely sure that there are as little health risks associated with them before giving them the green light.

Regal Assets – The gold standard in customer service

regalassetslogoWhen it comes to gold IRA companies that excel in customer service, Regal Assets is at the very top. Firstly, whenever an individual decides to invest over ten thousand dollars, any and all administrative fees are waived. They offer many forms of payment for their customers such as cash delivery, personal checks, bank wired money, most cashier checks and even money orders. When you want to sell your gold, they always buy back any precious metals you have at the spot price. This is something that many companies don’t even offer (or hide behind small print policies to avoid doing so).

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They don’t have any hidden charges and when they ship you product, they only charge a flat fee that is inexplicably low. Of course, they offer tracking numbers via the shipping company chosen. However, to be extra safe, very large orders are delivered in armored vehicles. If you don’t get your order in seven days or less, they guarantee that they will send you an additional silver Eagle.

You can reach their customer service through a few channels. It is possible to call them during business hours and they offer a live chat on their website.

They also make sure that your information is fully protected whenever you make a transaction with them. All their servers are secured with SSL encryption. Their entire reputation is built on their top notch customer service and they make it a point to make sure that their customers are fully educated on all the options that are available to them. This is reflected in the top notch reviews and industry ratings that Regal has earned (unlike other companies such as Apmex).

This is a company that is dependable and is quite possibly at the top when it comes to helping inexperienced investors. Their support comes in multiple forms. Customers that deal with them can be absolutely sure that they aren’t going to be shortchanged or that they will receive low quality product.  All their fees and commissions are very reasonable and the range of services they offer is diverse enough to help all sorts of investors.

When it comes to protecting your money against devaluation and inflation, nothing comes close to gold and precious metals. But the biggest thing keeping people from getting started is the steep learning curve that is associated to understanding how it all works. That is why a company like Regal Assets is so far ahead in terms of customer service. They don’t expect anybody to fully understand everything from the get go.

Abidexin Review – Is this new diet pill worth it?

Abidexin BottleIt is always a bad idea to just jump on the first diet pill that you come across and reading other people’s opinions online is crucial. However, each and every day, that is what thousands of people who are desperate to lose weight do. But often times you end up buying a supplement or pill that doesn’t even work. And you are ultimately out some money, time and have lost a little faith that losing some of that fat is even possible.

It is always best to first do some research and determine whether or not a specific diet program or pill is right for you. Most reports are not to positive about the pill. This supplement costs almost fifty dollars per bottle but lasts only a little more than 10 days. That means that it costs a pretty penny to keep taking this supplement for an extended period of time.

The ingredients it contains are varied and most of them have been clinically tested. However, many times these sorts of clinical studies are funded by companies that have some money invested in the product in the first place, as can verify many Abidexin reviews.

But where it really counts is whether people who have used it find that it actually works. And long story short, it doesn’t really. Most people leave disappointed and in some cases have to deal with unpleasant side effects from Abidexin.

Another thing to keep inn mind is that many times these supplements that are branded as new are just the same as older products but have been relabeled and are just sold under another name. This is a shame that supplement companies resort to unscrupulous practices to sell underwhelming products. On top of that, there is absolutely no data that gives  any insight into the makers of this diet pill, and that isn’t a good sign.